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Elvish on TVP1

Dear hyalma, thank you very much for providing the information on TV broadcast about Polish tolkienists learning Elvish languages! I’ve watched the particular episode of TVP1 “Teleranek” for three times so I’ve understood almost everything by now (my Polish and Sindarin are both quite rudimentary). The topic was really well covered despite of being given just a few minutes. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Ryszard Derdziński (elfolog, that’s what it is called... nice word). And there were nice young people practicing Sindarin and writing Tengwar. Short excerpts from “Lord of the Rings” movie featuring Sindarin were shown. IMHO Polish speakers had a much more correct pronunciation than the actors in the movie (the presenter of the show being a small exception; yet the thing that is important is that he spoke Elvish!). Later in the studio, the children were discussing the topic.
It is a delight that TVP is so well informed as to know about the existence of such things. Or maybe everybody knows about Elvish in Poland? :)
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