Indraja (indraja_rrt) wrote,

Playing around

Camera: Smena-2; film: Kodak Gold, expiration date 2014; used in 2019–2020, developed in autumn 2020. The shop had no idea where the borders among individual photos were :)

I had an unused film and put it into the camera just to play, meditate and get the feeling of manual settings back. (There is totally no feedback with this camera until you print the photos). I had no mood for most of the non-grocery shopping or services since spring. However there were exceptions. The cinema (and Lithuanian black-and-white movie), as I felt I ought to be supporting it, if anything at all. The hairdresser (she let her mask slip off while I was seeing nothing). And the photo-shop, as getting the photos printed out as in the older times was a thing I was waiting for months.

The Life Sciences Centre was posing.

Oh, one of the photos seems to be of another building in fact, the one of the physicists. Guess which?
Tags: kadrai, miestas

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