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Fabijoniškės a.k.a. Прип'ять

I’ve succumbed to trendy movie tourism and went to Fabijoniškės! (13 minutes by bus). I might never have thought of seeing the place. Yet it played Pripyat’ in the Chernobyl miniseries. A film is a world created. The things get a new life yet also have their own nature revealed. No one expected this happening to an ordinary district of the city. The immediate reaction to someone filming nothing less than Chernobyl is usually asking ‘Is it so horrible here?’. That was not the case. To the contrary, Fabijoniškės looked good. Pripyat’ was a brand new optimistic town before it became the abandoned one. Late period Soviet architecture was relevant. The team also reassured everyone that Vilnius does not look Soviet anymore. That is a sensitive topic: the place is about to become famous for what is a bit shameful, and best forgotten! On the other hand, numerous Lithuanians became the part of the international filming team. Some remembered the old times quite well and contributed to the film’s gritty realism a great deal.
So this is the most paradoxical tourism destination in Vilnius, and here we go.

Love it! May have very well played a role in the movie.

Guess why is this so authentic? Not just the rust. It is for two flags, one of the Soviet Union and the other of the Republic.

I couldn’t resist stealing the photos where the actors are interviewed on the first day of filming on the location. If you saw the series, you may appreciate the correction, which was applied to make everything look like an aged colour film from Soviet times. The facial expression of Harris, as well. What a distance between the person and the role from the abovementioned times.

Stellan Skarsgård

Jared Harris

The photographer: Lukas Balandis, news site:, 2018 May 13th.

The movie’s screenshot (copyright HBO). It is so like the nine-floor building’s roof I loved to take walks on in childhood, and to bring some friend to share it. And now they show the likeness of it in a story. My world making it to a magic world, I love it.

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