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One more good day of the year

I’ve been talking about the year during the year, so now I’ll just be happy there was such a good Christmas vacation (and still is, today and tomorrow). Thanks to my friends who took their time to meet me, the ones from the earlier postings and Hild! Thanks for the letters and comments. (Surely, thanks to everyone for the communication anytime, it helps me a lot in living my simple but in fact lonely life). Also, I’ve slept. And I’ve watched the film [all the 5+ hours twice] exactly how I like watching films: taking it very seriously and then pursuing all the trains of thought and feelings which it brought. (It is a feast I rarely can have during the working part of the year, one should be very much alive at the weekend for that and this is sometimes difficult).
Some more bits of these thoughts here.

The accounts from some of the people who got under the fallout. “I am from...”: Pripyat, Kiev, Minsk, Poland, Bulgaria...
So much thoughts from simply comparing the mode of viewing of people with different personal histories, from different places.

It took me a while to remember where the Chernobyl catastrophe stands in the history of Lithuania. I do remember the protests. “Ignalina” NPS had one running reactor at the time, the second one had to go into operation in 1986, but the pause was made after disaster until 1987. The third module was still being built, however the public and even local official opinion ran strongly against it. (Also, the opinions of many of the residents of local nuclear town ran strongly against the Lithuanians having their own opinions). In 1989, the construction works were stopped. In fact it was just one piece in a picture of people suddenly discovering they also have the right to express their mind, to arrange protests, and to refuse what they saw as an imperialistic politics directed from Moscow with no regard for the well-being and safety of the locals. Yet this piece was here.

The moments where the miniseries struck me personally... I couldn’t help but notice where The [archetypal] Institute is in that story, exactly. Presented here in a most dialectical way of playing the role in both finding the truth and once losing the truth. And I shall not forget. It is one of the most impressive tales on the science ethics I’ve ever seen.

The interview for everyone interested in how on Earth the writer of 'Chernobyl' Craig Mazin managed to grasp an alien culture and bring out all the threads:
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