Indraja (indraja_rrt) wrote,

Holyrood park

It’s almost painful to downsize those photos. I would rather show the originals on a good large screen. If you think this can be arranged please tell me :)
There were people eagerly ascending the path in the Holyrood park, even if the path was already beaten to mud, and I joined them. Climbing up required some boldness from me at the top, as the volcanic rocks give little sure footing (that’s a very old lava channel on the summit of Arthur’s Seat). Happily I’ve looked down only when almost there. By then, I could hardly keep steady on a relatively level place even, so just stood in place and then sat here. The scenery was impressive. The people were impressive as well. Quite some of them came here while engaged in a cross-country running, and ran away as if it were nothing. As for me, I find mere walking down the stairs tricky if they are lengthy and steep. And here I wore my best glasses which are for special occasions only, so the adapting to them for the precise eye-foot coordination is slow to set in. There is no vertigo on the streets... yet this was no street. The distortion of peripheral field of vision is specific to particular eyeglasses and very marked in this power range. So I climbed down the rock itself very slowly, stood on a grass here for a long time, and then took a path where no one was going, and there came my enjoyable nature experience at last. The path went round the hill, yet there was nobody, it was not steep and almost not dirty. And then, I could use the navigator to understand where I came.
(And here are the thanks to Werhamster and Exon who told me about this place).

Tags: gamta, kelionės

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