Indraja (indraja_rrt) wrote,

Pastrėvys – Elektrėnai

Now we have a second summer here. Yesterday, I went to Elektrėnai and took a local bus to Pastrėvys, and then came back along the eastern cost of the reservoir. The walk was even greater than I had expected, due to the steep hills and ‘the sea’. The first part was on the road, happily it has some symbolical asphalt surface, so no dust from the passing cars. The second part went through the settlement and then there was an old bicycle-and walking path separate from the road, which is good.

Now I see that ‘shooting during a walk’ and ‘going somewhere to shoot’ are two quite different things, and the old fully automated camera is still perfect for the first of them. (The last two photos were made using the tablet. It is not very convenient for taking photos, I carried it because it had GPS. Yet one can go to a train station with the wi-fi and upload tablet photos to Instagram after the journey, a rare amusement for me).

Sun-filter which is in fact for my eyeglasses :)

The power station the town is famous for. The reservoir was built to cool it, and the town was built here as well.

Find Jesus if you can.

Love this new church, it clearly shares the beauty of the power station itself. Unfortunately, the Photobucket ate all the old photos of both of them, so no link can be given here.

Tags: gamta, miestai

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