Indraja (indraja_rrt) wrote,

Solaris: what's in the name?

Yesterday, we had a great live discussion of ‘Solaris’ by Stanisław Lem, and arrived at a question: why is the fictional planet named that way? Would be strange to name it ‘solar’ as in Sun – ‘Sōl’; it orbits two suns to begin with. I guessed the name could be derived from ‘solo’, as it is inhabited by a single organism; also, it is the only such organism humanity has met. Given the underlying bitterness of Lem, a perverted allusion to ‘sōlārī’ (‘to console’) is also possible. What are your ideas? Or maybe someone knows for sure?

Как вам кажется, почему планета Солярис так называется?
Tags: knygos, svarstymai

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