Indraja (indraja_rrt) wrote,

Four characters

There is a Facebook game: showing four characters that represent some part of one’s personality. Let it be here as well. I’m not so sure who I can look up to or associate myself with, when thinking about my future and present. The characters from my past are a bit of the past, yet still relevant. I’m not like them, sure. I’m a boring character, but we are playing here. There are four pics from the movies, each with commentary.

Vincent Freeman (Gattaca). A story of one remaking himself to pass and to be accepted. One becomes an idealised version, yet not to become another person in full. On the contrary, to be able to express their true self and pursue their true aspirations. I’d say that’s deep in my past already, but many can find contradiction on this same page [hint: FB page, displaying my name as Indraja].

The Stalker. I didn’t even like anyone in this movie, except the Zone itself. But the character helped me to crystallize the idea of what I’d really love to do: meet the people looking for something and lead them through the territory I know. They say I am good.

Eleanor Arroway (The Contact). For once, I could really identify with an on-screen woman! And she is all about seeking knowledge leading to the transcendence, just like an Odyssey:2001, which I’ve read at ten and still stay truly amazed, as this is perhaps the deepest search in life as I understand it.

John Preston (Equilibrium). It took me two and a half books by psychotherapists to be able to say the character represents a tug-o-war between compulsive/obsessional and negativistic poles on a schizoid background. No wonder I find him so relevant. Also, effectiveness.

Tags: filmai, ošei, žaidžiu

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