Indraja (indraja_rrt) wrote,

My journey to Helsinki

Спасибо тем, кто меня и давно, и недавно навели на мысли, научили, помогли – и в итоге получилось содержательное, в нужной мере удобное да приятное путешествие! В особенности Айреньерэ airenyere и Хильд hild_0 за фотографии и рассказы о замечательном в тех краях. За названия мест. Как говорилось на литовском куда ранее изобретения поисковиков, «знаешь слово – знаешь дорогу».
Having thanked the six persons who helped me in their mother tongue, now I switch to language which is equally difficult for me to use, however much more useful for me to master. There was a city in the fresh air of the sea. There were islands of stone, each so different: a forest, a fortress-town, a museum-village, or just a park for everyone to walk and run by their home in the evening. There were trails in the forests growing upon the rocks. I caught only a glimpse of the history, by passing the monuments, by visiting an open-air museum of village culture. Yet this helped me to have some insights into the mentality of the people of Finland. (All the practical things I dealt with did this as well). There were many chances to meet the nature. I experienced it as so variable, from soaking pouring rain on the island shore in the sea-wind, to heavenly calm forest with no buzzing cloud of flies around my head, something totally unlikely in Lithuanian forest in summer. These were very rich three-and-a-half days of immersion into a new environment. Sometimes it felt that I manage to get to more places and to walk larger chunks of the road than I can truly contemplate and embrace with my feelings. However, one can do this even after the journey is over. Moreover, I managed to stop and have truly solitary ‘being present at the place in the moment’ minutes even in places with lots of visitors: one simply needs to leave the path and walk a few steps where no one is going.

There are the names.
The nice modern corner where I was staying: Kalasatama with cosy forested island Mustikkamaa over a bridge. The islands reached by ferry from the center: the ‘wild nature’ hiding some old explosives in Vallisaari (+ Kuninkaansaari) and the sea-fortress of Sveaborg / Suomenlinna (in fact several islands, I loved the most southern piece but did not go into the fortress museum). The open-air museum in Seurasaari and the shores (reachable by a bridge; a tram or a bus needed to get here from the center). The center itself, with all the landmark churches, also meditative Kamppi Chapel and Temppeliaukio Church (and the Hotel Torni bar panorama). A bit of Nuuksio National Park (went to Espoo, took the bus to Haukkalammentie, walked to Haukkalampi and then through the larger part of well-marked trails of Korpinkierros and Haukankierros, and typed this from memory).
...Now I’m having a whimsical fantasy of going to Espoo and using it as if it were Ignalina, to have daily walks in the national park without carrying a tent, simply by taking a bus :) Anyway, this is only a second year when I have my very own foreign journey, and I already feel I am in a habit of having a yearly journey to far-away places. Sure, there should be other ones coming!

(Sorry these are just impressions; my will of cataloguing each of them has already been used up while typing the things above).

Ought to be continued, as there were islands and forests as well.
Tags: gamta, kelionės, miestai

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