Indraja (indraja_rrt) wrote,

Since the Garden of Eden

Of all the love stories, the one of the Good Omens lead couple’s is really a heart-warming one. Angel and demon, they don’t even need to enter the realm of sexuality – they can perform things beyond human limits of intimacy (and this is used to meet non-romantic ends in the story). There is this friendship, which lives up to purest ideals of the True Friendship: staying true to each other in spite of all Heaven, Hell and impending Apocalypse brought together. Yet it does not shy away from being affectionate, sensual, and subtle and all other things, which in the modern understanding are often limited to a particular niche when obviously male-shaped beings are involved. The love storyline figures in many popular stories, even where the tale would be emotional enough without ever involving it. I’ve learnt to take a note of that and then largely filter the fuss out. However, occasionally there is a story that does resonate with me. In the ironical study of humanity’s apocalyptic potential, there is finally this both amusing and moving non-sexual love-friendship ideal. It was in the book a long time ago, yet for me it took the great acting of Michael Sheen and David Tennant to bring it to life in all subtle shades.

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