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Kultūrinis kontekstas – atsakymai

Thank you for taking part in the game! The comments to the original post have been unscreened. There are the explanations and the results.
The most amazing thing is that you have found more answers that are relevant to my context than I could think of when I was writing the questions!

Medžiaga – Energija – Informacija
Вещество – Энергия – Информация
– The triad which constitutes our world according to the biophysics lectures. I should have written commas instead of dashes... There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the answers E=mc^2, or "материя (materija)", but they are not so philosophical.

Restriktazės – tai fermentai, skeliantys DNR molekules ties tam tikromis nukleotidų sekomis.
Рестриктазы – это ферменты, которые расщепляют молекулы ДНК на месте специфических последовательностей нуклеотидов.
– "Restrictase" is lab jargon, the full name is "restriction endonuclease". They are useful tools for molecular biology and biotechnology. Lots of them were discovered and are produced at the outskirts of Vilnius. As ekzon tells, they are not the only thing produced there, so this answer counts!

There is no spoon.
– Something essential about the world according to the "The Matrix" and the ultimate catch-phrase for those who saw the movie without dubbing. I really appreciate the attempt of unless_spring to think different, yet I'm not so sure if I totally agree with that choice. But then, hild_0 quoting Queen song from "The Highlander", "There is no time for us..." is amazingly relevant since I love the song and a couple of seasons of TV series.

Nelipk iš medžio žemyn galva.
Не слезай с дерева головой вниз.
– One of the commandments of local "Tarzan", who used to live in Aukštaitija's National Park. Nobody knew this, but the answers were really interesting. "Nelipk iš medžio, nes žmogum pavirsi (не слезай с дерева – человеком станешь)" by starlin_elvea is something to reflect on!

And though I oft have passed them by,
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon, East of the Sun.
– From a poem by J.R.R.Tolkien in the "Return of the King". Nobody remembered the exact formula, but I'll score all the similar answers.

Девять назгулов – это воистину Братство Кольца!
Devyni nazgūlai – iš tiesų Žiedo Brolija!
– From the song by apocryphist Elhe Niennah. Some of the "Tolkien Lietuva" moderators, nicknamed the Nazgûl, enjoy singing it. I'll have to count the answer "Сами-знаете-кого! (Patys-žinote-kas)", because the person who gave it is exactly the person who does the actual singing with me.

Ночевала тучка золотая
На груди утеса-великана;
Утром в путь она умчалась рано,
По лазури весело играя

Snaudė naktį aukso debesėlis
Ant krūtinės kalno akmenuoto
Ankstų rytą per žydrynės plotą
Jis išskrido, laisvėn pasikėlęs.

– From a poem by M.Lermontov. The first line is a name of a story by A.Pristavkin as well.

Vilnius mūsų, o mes – rusų.
Вильнюс – наш, а мы – русских.
The catch-phrase from Lithuania, 1939.

Mes darbu sukursim didingą rytojų,
Ir žemę nušvies komunizmo aušra.

Трудом создадим мы светлое завтра,
И над землёй воссияет заря коммунизма.

– From the anthem of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. My signature on the TL forum once included a variant "tolkinizmo aušra (заря толкинизма)", so this answer counts as well.

Aušra įsidienojusi – pabudome ir kelkimės!
Заря в день превратилась – мы проснулись, давайте вставать!
– From a then well-known song of the Singing Revolution.

So this is the final score:

laiqua_lasse 3, 9
shipokliakas 3, 8, 9, 10
unless_spring 5, 10
sulerin 6, 7, 8
starlin_elvea 3, 5, 6, 8
ekzon 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9
hild_0 3, 6, 7
Tags: ošei, žaidžiu

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