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Rasos – Ribiškės

This is a trip one week ago. It took place on the outskirts of the city, yet it meant quitting the restricted way of life. I reached the place by a trolleybus on a journey twice as short as my workday commute. Yet I never used the city transport for fun so often for a whole year (this was a second trip this spring). The path had a handful of people, however I have to learn to tolerate their presence. The silence of empty forests is temporarily suspended this year as well, as all the people strive to enjoy local nature. So I was simply glad to be in this unique place, that was once carved by running spring water.

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The piercing light

One year ago, I was slowly coming to terms with the new reality (e.g. listening to the trolleybus announcement 'when leaving your home, you put your lives in danger' every day). Trying to hold on my work – I was still finishing things that had to be done physically. I was getting very lonely and feeling somewhat ashamed and lost, even if superficially calm. It was very important to feel needed, even if for my project. Yet it was the first year I saw this post-equinox beauty right here at work so sharply, and took the photos in the empty corridor facing the East and the West.

This time of the year last year.

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Sunny winter of my native places

The area of the city I consider 'my own' (I've always lived in it) as seen from the opposite points of view situated on the same street. The photos are not mine. They were taken while we still had this brilliant crisp winter in February (now we have beautiful entrance into early spring).

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S. Tolk. T.

Sputnik V kaip gynybos projektas

This LT text explores some of the connotations and ties revealed in the development of this vaccine. It is largely relevant to the world outside of Russia. Inside of it, one may hold all the circumstances represent historical normality. No questions towards effectiveness of the vaccine and its usefulness in the native market are raised. The focus is on the background.

Sputnik V (arba Gam-COVID-Vac) yra adenovirusų nešiklių Ad26 ir Ad5 pagrindu sukurta vakcina, koduojanti SARS-CoV2 spyglio baltymą. Jos klinikinių bandymų rezultatai publikuoti žurnale Lancet [1], [2]. Šios apžvalgos tikslas – nagrinėti ne skiepų veiksmingumą, o kūrimo aplinkybes. Jos gerai suprantamos Rusijos istorijos kontekste, bet neįprastos lyginant su vakarietiškų Covid vakcinų kūrimo keliais, kuriuose remtasi universitetiniais tyrimų centrais ir farmacijos verslo kompanijomis. Sputnik V kūrimas kur kas akivaizdžiau susijęs su gynybinių biologinės saugos funkcijų įgyvendinimu. Collapse )