The piercing light

One year ago, I was slowly coming to terms with the new reality (e.g. listening to the trolleybus announcement 'when leaving your home, you put your lives in danger' every day). Trying to hold on my work – I was still finishing things that had to be done physically. I was getting very lonely and feeling somewhat ashamed and lost, even if superficially calm. It was very important to feel needed, even if for my project. Yet it was the first year I saw this post-equinox beauty right here at work so sharply, and took the photos in the empty corridor facing the East and the West.

This time of the year last year.

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Sunny winter of my native places

The area of the city I consider 'my own' (I've always lived in it) as seen from the opposite points of view situated on the same street. The photos are not mine. They were taken while we still had this brilliant crisp winter in February (now we have beautiful entrance into early spring).

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S. Tolk. T.

Sputnik V kaip gynybos projektas

This LT text explores some of the connotations and ties revealed in the development of this vaccine. It is largely relevant to the world outside of Russia. Inside of it, one may hold all the circumstances represent historical normality. No questions towards effectiveness of the vaccine and its usefulness in the native market are raised. The focus is on the background.

Sputnik V (arba Gam-COVID-Vac) yra adenovirusų nešiklių Ad26 ir Ad5 pagrindu sukurta vakcina, koduojanti SARS-CoV2 spyglio baltymą. Jos klinikinių bandymų rezultatai publikuoti žurnale Lancet [1], [2]. Šios apžvalgos tikslas – nagrinėti ne skiepų veiksmingumą, o kūrimo aplinkybes. Jos gerai suprantamos Rusijos istorijos kontekste, bet neįprastos lyginant su vakarietiškų Covid vakcinų kūrimo keliais, kuriuose remtasi universitetiniais tyrimų centrais ir farmacijos verslo kompanijomis. Sputnik V kūrimas kur kas akivaizdžiau susijęs su gynybinių biologinės saugos funkcijų įgyvendinimu. Collapse )
varlė skraiduolė

The mysterious vaccine

Моё мнение о том, почему ЭпиВакКорона имеет много шансов не работать в качестве вакцины. (Очень близкая тема тому, чем я напрямую занималась по профессии. А язык, на котором пишем про свою работу, почти всегда английский).

There are things imaginable only in Russia.
A lot of people now have some opinion on Covid vaccines no matter where they live. They can read how the vaccines were constructed and tested. My colleague used to scold adenovirus vaccines in general, based just on Ad5. He is a chromatography specialist and never had any interest in all this before. I tried to convince him there is no Ad5 in the vaccines that can be approved in our country in the nearest future anyway. Then I just asked that he doesn’t talk while we are supposed to be working.

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sidabrinis klevas

Прививочная комбинаторика

Как продумать принципы сочетания разных вакцин? Люди не от праздности придумали, в жизни этот вопрос станет актуальным в последующие годы, а мнения уже появились и ими уже пытаются руководствоваться. (Не у всех вакцина та, которую привезли – иные уже и поехали, где для них теперь есть хоть какая, а вернутся, и здесь про неё и знать не будут знать). Предупреждение – пока рано нечто утверждать. Конечно, про это будут исследования и какие-то протоколы действия. А пока – каким образом вообще думают про такое? (Разумеется, я могу ошибаться, всегда надо всё проверять). Collapse )
sidabrinis klevas

RNR, adenovirusai ir specefektai

I have no skills to draw it, but I dream of seeing a picture of a person experiencing “terrible” post-vaccination side effects and someone in a lab coat, insert whoever you want – a scientist, a physician, a biotechnologist – telling “It's not a bug, it's a feature!”.
The patient ought to be the one who designed electronic system of health records / database of university purchases / frankly, even some journal submission page that still asks for your data in 1234x765 pixels.

There rest of a story, however, in Lithuanian.

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S. Tolk. T.

The lockdowns that work

(Even if few like them).

Graph by Mantas Puida.
Data collected by Vaidotas Zemlys-Balevičius.
Lockdown lines were added by me. The spring lockdown begins with the X-axis, ends on the green line. The autumn one begins on the violet line, the strict rules of the new government are implemented on the red.
Some loosening of the rules is coming very soon. The vaccination is here already with 3.5% of population having at least one dose. So there is hope there'll be less need of lockdowns in the future.